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Top 5 Indian Bridal Dresses for Reception

Top 5 Indian Bridal Dresses for Reception

Top 5 Indian Bridal Dresses for Reception

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Indian brides are the luckiest to have their dream wedding colourful and unique. The attire brides choose for the dream day is just a piece of clothing but adds life to the venue. So, we are going to know about the evergreen Top 5 Indian Bridal Dresses for Reception.

How to choose your Indian bride dresses for reception

Do not compromise on quality over low prices. A comfortable dress will help you to perform all rituals of the wedding venue. Selection of bold or light colours, as in reception light colours, is preferable. Good fabric quality is a must to like; georgette, velvet, and silk, etc.

The Indian Bridal Lehenga

A colour shift like; Cream, pink and blue contrasts, yellow colour lehengas are most probable according to the trends. Although, red is the most preferred colour to choose for an Indian wedding and reception dress. As the shopping begins, the lehengas then prompting the rest of the shopping list.

Expensive lehengas don't decide your reception look. But, how you carry your lehenga with creativity makes everyone inspired. For a more eye-catchy look, try to add red colour to your wedding style to make it look attractive.

Indian Bridal Saree

Indian Bridal Sarees is a family heirloom in family traditions. It is the symbol of royalty, grace, and pride. There are thousands of people in Indian who wish to wear saree on their dream day.

There are thousands of Indian bridal sarees which will make you look stunning on your wedding day. The right choice of saree with the good embellishment, of embroidery with a good choice of accessories, makes you look like a royal princess of Mughal times.

It is one piece of clothing, nine yards long, which can be draped in different styles to add beauty in the fashion and every distinct drape makes your saree look new each time.

Bridal Sharara

It is an outbreak sharara style. Mostly an outfit for Pakistani brides. It looks courtesy, easy, and comfortable. Indian brides are popular for their creativity. When some elements of creativity add-in, the sharara takes a different style to look bravo at the wedding reception.

If you are struggling with your Indian bride's dresses for the reception, sharara is the best choice to look effortlessly beautiful.

Bridal Suit

It is the most comfortable dress to wear in Indian bridal dresses at wedding receptions. Especially if you want to proceed with the wedding rituals. But, people prefer to wear lehengas instead of suits for a more fashionable look.

Fusion look

Fusion look is used in semi-formal functions like receptions and parties. For girls who want a fairy tale look at their weddings and want to give western, look at their reception, fusion gowns are the best choice.

There are several styles of gowns like; flowing free drapes and floor-length gowns. This gives you the look of a stunning personality. Although, the white colour preferably looks good with the wedding reception theme.


So, the Top 5 Indian bride dresses for reception discussed above will help you look trendy when there were thousands of choices to make. Reception dresses for Indian brides are not special because of their wedding but, it is their cultural tradition and a piece of glory that adds beauty to the celebrations of their lives. So, be ready to look stunning and flaunt!


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