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5 different types of Indian Bridal Sarees for an Indian Wedding

5 different types of Indian Bridal Sarees for an Indian Wedding

5 different types of Indian Bridal Sarees for an Indian Wedding

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You are going to know the five different types of showstopper Indian Bridal Sarees for the Indian wedding. Silk, bold colours, border designs, and heavy work on pallus enhance the style of the sarees. 


Indian wedding sarees are the most creative cloth for styling as they could be draped into various styles. Indian Sarees are known as the Lamborghini of all outfits.


Tips before buying Indian Bridal Sarees


  • Check the quality before checking the style. Try to choose a comfortable saree to perfume all rituals.
  • Before purchasing the saree, do try it in the shop by draping it so that you may know whether it suits you or not.
  • Try to end up shopping a few days before the wedding so you may go through the alterations.
  • Try to ask every member of your family before buying the dream dress for yourself.


Five different types of Indian Bridal Saree Styles for an Indian Wedding


1. The Pattu and the Jarowar style saree


When a South Indian saree is combined with non-traditional accessories, it provides a stunning look. Ladies wearing a jorawar style saree at their weddings prefer to wear the blouse with contrast and to make them look more attractive, women wear jorawar jewellery. This combination will make the bride look unique and graceful.


2. Banarasi Sarees


Banarasi sarees are known as silk sarees. These sarees give the feel of a royal dress style and never fails to provide a stunning look to the bride. Banarsi sarees are the most found sarees in every married girl's wardrobe.


3. The colour blend of Muted Gold and Dark Red


In bridal wear, the red colour is most popular. In this colour, blend sari has the thin redlining to assemble the look where saree and blouse are in monotone and to enhance the look, accessories must have a touch of red colour.


4. The Narayanpeth Pattu Saree


The Narayanpeth Pattu saree is most famous because of its different border and pallu. Brides prefer to wear this saree because of its light material and bold use of colours.


5. Kanjeevaram Saree


This saree is also known as the Kancheepuram saree. These sarees have elegance in their style as they have a vibrant use of colours with contrast and floral plus temple designs are the most present designs in these sarees. The classic scenes designed on these sarees' borders will make the bride look gorgeous on her wedding night.


6. Silk Mysore Saree


Mysore silk is one of the entirely pure forms of Silk which makes them soft, comfortable, and durable for the brides. They have high demand with no sacrifice in quality. They are designed using natural elements like birds and fruits which will make you look elegant and fashionable.




Indian bride sarees present an artistic view with beautiful jewellery or embellishment of gold silver. Undoubtedly, sarees are the symbol of grace and identification of Indian culture and represent a glamorous view. The above saree styles will blow up your mind and help you look attractive in every venue!

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