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How do Indian Grooms style themselves on the wedding day?

How do Indian Grooms style themselves on the wedding day?

How do Indian Grooms style themselves on the wedding day?

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Indian groom style is the symbol of elegance in the wedding. The groom is less dressed than the bride but has a stunning personality. There are some styles concerning outfits, heirs’ tradition, etc. that makes the groom look mindblowing with the cultural elements of the society.

1. Groom wearing

Indian groom style is particular and unique in many perspectives. Grooms usually prefer to wear; Sherwani, loafers (Mojari), Churidar trousers, necklaces, and Turban. There are variant styles of sherwani depending on the wedding theme.

Most people prefer to wear Indian styled, but also sometimes combine styling from different countries. A fun fact is that Churidar pyjamas are preferable for their bangle-style look.

The Mojari has its importance with the sherwani and churidar pyjamas, and with concern to their wedding, they have to take off their loafers before entering the mandap.

They wear necklaces like Kundan jewellery, and polka diamonds with different style turban are accessories. That plays a root cause in the elegant look of the groom.

2. Color theme

Indian weddings are popular because of the usage of bright colours. Not only do the bride and groom look fabulous, but the guests look good as well. Mainly, there are two colour themes in Indian weddings. One is the resemblance to the bride dress, and the other is gold and white. Many Indian groom styles with the same colour white and gold suits because gold and white are the colours of grace.

The grooms, for further styling, use bold embroidery and vibrant colour of saafa to become the point of attention in public.
Grooms prefer to wear the dress having matching colours to the gown of the bride. It is a traditional look that shows unity among the two members and made photographs look bold and attractive.

3. Heritage wearing

Family is given the most significance in Indian society and also have big families, compared to any other country. The family participates in all the festivities of bride and groom so, family heirlooms are essential.

Indian grooms usually wear their mother dupatta or their father's or grandfather's sherwani to show his love and the significance of that particular member to the family.

4. Modern Indian groom style

Now with time pace, the mindset of the groom is changing. Instead of sherwani, grooms now choose to wear a full suit or tuxedo at their wedding which blends the cultural traditions, but it depends on the family rituals.

As the tuxedo destroys the traditional Indian groom style so, in highly cultured and patriotic families, this can cause a disturbance. Whereas, wearing a tuxedo will not affect the colour theme as it looks good with every colour because of its clean and classic look that compliments the bride theme of the dress.


The above Indian groom style tips are the first choice for the majority of grooms at their wedding. The majority of the people choose a traditional wedding style, which is their social heritage and others choose something unique with some creative thoughts to make their wedding memorable.

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