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5 Ways to Style a Salwar Suit Elegantly

5 Ways to Style a Salwar Suit Elegantly

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The salwar suit is popular clothing around many Asian countries. Especially in India, it is an outstanding dress option to wear on any occasion. There are five ways to style a salwar suit elegantly and make your look gorgeous.

With some styling and creativity, we can make the overall look unique. So, be ready to look stylish and different with some glimmer and shine. No other outfit can ever beat the charisma of the salwar suit.


Five ways to style a salwar suit

1. Choose different styles of salwar

Usually, girls prefer to wear churidar pyjamas, trousers, and Patiala salwar. Although, they look stunning with kameez. But the combination of straight pants, cigarette pants, and capris with Kurtis is a new trend.

Undoubtedly, everything you wear with some creativity is a trend. So adding up dhoti styles and other different styles of salwar to your designs makes your salwar suit look elegant and stylish.

2. Do something with Dupatta

Although the dupatta stays simple by many designers because of heavy embroidered work on salwar suits. But if you are going to a religious occasion then it plays an essential role. Try to wear a heavy, embroidered, and striking dupatta for your dress.

If you are wearing a heavy dress, then a dupatta with little work will be the right choice. But, if you are wearing a less work embroidered dress so, try to make your dupatta stunning.

Your dupatta enhances your salwar suit stunningly that you Can not imagine. It will make people turn around to you. And left people with their mouths opened.

3. Capes style

It is a new trend introduced in Indian fashion. In which, instead of wearing dupatta capes makes a trendy look. Some people carry dupattas with caps too. To make themselves unique.

There are no actresses of Bollywood who never wear the cape style. There are now numerous trends set like cape choli, cape blouse, etc.

And people, especially fans of Bollywood actresses, carry cape style with their clothing. That makes them look bewitching.

4. Try to use different style Jackets

In Indian ethnic wear, jackets are in fashion. Not only on Salwaar suit, but people also do styling with jackets on sarees.

But the look of jackets with salwar suits is unbeatable. Jackets are not in one category but, now it is in various forms like long-sleeved, poncho style and sleeveless, etc.

People usually wear jackets for formal occasions, meetings, and gatherings. That reflects the creative, unique, and elegant style of the salwar suit.

5. Anarkali styling

People are dying heart fans of the Anarkali suit. And styling with Anarkali's charming creativity to style a salwar suit will leave the audience jaw inclined.

If you are young and have filled your wardrobe with shocking colours; so, try to add some light colours to your wardrobe. Like, the grey colour or other light colours. Make your salwar suit look elegant with a tikka on your forehead just in the centre.

And big and bold earrings that will ultimately present you like an Anarkali. And will make you shine and sparkle on the whole occasion.



There are some ways to style a salwar suit. That is the nectar of all styles. The styles can be made unique with little creativity and lust for accessories. Accessories with the styling of clothes make the look overwhelming and beautiful.

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