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5 Ways to Style a Saree to be a Show Stopper

5 Ways to Style a Saree to be a Show Stopper

5 ways to style a saree to be a show stopper




We are going to discuss the five ways to style a saree to be a show-stopper. Sarees are magical clothing for girls. The peculiarity of the saree is the transformation in variant ways.


With a saree, you can elegantly make the western look as well as Indian traditional. To transform you into an elegant personality, we are here to discuss five different ways to style a saree.


Five ways to style a saree


1. Lehanga Style


It is the most famous and outstanding option for girls. Girls who don’t like to wear lehenga and loves to wear saree can wear the saree in lehenga style.


It will provide you with many options to drape the saree in the way you want your lehenga to look. You have to wrap your pallu on your left side shoulders and style the way you want.


The right choice of accessories will make your personality captivating in front of people.


2. Saree with belt


In this style, you will have to add beautiful belts to your styled saree. That will ultimately make your saree style bold and fabulous.

With new styling, you can do creativity to your saree. That will make you look different from others.


3. Butterfly look saree


It is a traditional style of draping. To apply the changes, you need to fold the pleats of the saree like a paper fan. People usually love to wear butterfly sarees in sangeet and engagement ceremonies.


For a more classy and elegant look, try to do little creativity on the neckline. People love to wear this type of saree because of its elegance.


4. Mumtaz look saree


It is an ethnic and fabulous style of saree. It makes you look like, elegant queen. This unique type of saree is very much famous in India. In memory of actress Mumtaz.


To enhance and beautify the look, select comfortable clothing materials like georgette and chiffon. It will settle on you and make you look gorgeous. You can stitch the saree or have the option to drape it in Mumtaz style. Little jewellery is the best combination with a Mumtaz-style saree.


5. Dhoti style


It is a stunning and the most popular way of wearing the saree. The peculiarity of this type of saree is easy wearing and creative style of clothing. We can use different kinds of belts and blazers to make it look fancy.


Some fans of Sonam Kapoor also wear this in the love of her. In this dhoti style, it is good to wear little jewellery to make it look stunning. You can go to farewells and cocktail parties by wearing dhoti style saree.



Saree is an article on gifted clothing for women. That can easily be drape in various ways that make you elegant. The above numerous ways to style a saree will help you look like a show-stopper. And look stunning in the upcoming events, from fancy parties to casual platforms.


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