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7 Different Types of Sarees in India | Complete Guide

7 Different Types of Sarees in India | Complete Guide

Bridal Saree in USA Bridal Saree in USA Bridal Saree in USA


India is one of the richest countries in terms of culture and traditions. It has a wide range of attires, cuisine, heritage, and many more. 

Among the huge variety of dresses, the Indian culture is emotionally attached to sarees. It is connected to every soul, and each and every woman enjoys wearing one, and it gracefully suits everyone. 

There are many types of sarees in India from different states, and we would love to discuss a few amongst them. If you are here to improve your knowledge of sarees, then you are definitely at the right place. Here’s a complete description of 7 different types of sarees in India.

1) Muga - Assam

Muga silk sarees of Assam are made up of a special kind of silk produced by larvae which feed on two unique leaves. The silk made from these larvae is known to be one of the best. It is very durable and shiny. Its golden saree would make you a showstopper in your next occasion.

2) Banarasi - Varanasi

It is one of the most popular sarees in the world from Varanasi. Banarasi sarees are famous for their gold and silver zari designs and motifs. It was originally designed for royalty because each saree was made from gold and silver threads. In ancient times, it took approximately one year to finish one saree because the design was so intricate.

3) Konrad - Tamil Nadu

These are also known as temple sarees. They were originally woven for temple deities. This saree mostly comprises either stripes or checks with a wide border. The most special element of this saree is its border made from motifs of animals and natural elements.

4) Paithani - Maharashtra

Paithani saree is a specialty of Aurangabad city of Maharashtra. It is a handwoven saree that is elegant and graceful. Its zari border, fine motifs, and peacock design are what make it one of the most beautiful sarees. 

5) Chikankari - Lucknow

The intricate designs of Chikankari sarees are what makes them appear so beautiful. These sarees come with heavy embroidery and soothing colors. It was traditionally made on muslin cloth, but now, it is found on almost every kind of fabric. The work resembles Persian art.

6) Kanjeevaram - Tamil Nadu

These sarees are made from the traditionally woven silk of Kanjeevaram in Tamil Nadu. These sarees possess rich colors and texture and look elegant and graceful on the person wearing them. 

7) Bomkai - Odisha

These are also known as Sonepuri silk, Bomkai Saree is a beautiful piece of art with ikat, embroidery, and intricate thread work. They are the best for festivals and are available in silk and cotton.

We have discussed 7 types of sarees of India, but trust us, there are more than that. India is filled with different types of saree, which you could find anywhere on the streets. 

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