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The Most Powerful Indian Groom Outfit Guide

The Most Powerful Indian Groom Outfit Guide

The Most Powerful Indian Groom Outfit Guide
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If you are going to be a groom, or you are shopping for someone, who is going to be one, it is really very important, to choose the outfit carefully. There are a lot of options of traditional ethnic outfits to choose from, and you have to choose them wisely, as it’s going to be one of the most important days of your life. 

There’s an emerging spirit of fashion among Indian men and we are here to help you choose, the best outfits, out of the plethora of options available, presenting you the most powerful Indian groom outfit guide.

Different types of Indian Groom Outfits:

1) The Sherwani

The sherwani is one of the most popular Indian groom outfits which has its origins in Central Asia. It could be defined as a heavily designed kurta having high collars. It is often paired with churidar kurta and comes with a dupatta. There is a grand and elegant essence to this outfit. It is mostly preferred for weddings, and not for other smaller functions. 

2) Bandh Gala Suit (Closed Neck Suits)

Bandh gala suits are really very popular these days as it absolutely merges with the groom. If you are wanting to wear these, then definitely, your choice is amazing!

3) Achkan Kurta

This is a type of a kurta, having a high neckline, a straight cut, buttons on the side instead of the middle which makes it an absolutely stunning outfit to wear. It is usually worn by the groom in a Muslim wedding, but its increasing popularity is inducing interest to wear it in other religious weddings as well.

4) Jodhpuri Suit

It is an Indian Ethnic Outfit that originated from the princely state of Jodhpur. It comes in a kurta, bandhgala jacket, and churidar bottoms pair. It is originally not made for the main wedding, but you can wear it for other ceremonies. It gives an Indo-Western vibe while maintaining a strong place in traditional Indian wear.

5) Jacket and Kurta 

This outfit combination is perfect for reception night. The sherwani kurta and churidar bottom with an embellished jacket make the overall outfit stylish as well as elegant. 

Important things to consider while choosing an Indian groom outfit:

Pay attention to fabric: The Indian groom outfit should come in rich colors portraying luxury. It is important for the groom to choose the outfit, keeping in mind, the luxury of the bride’s outfit, and pair it accordingly.

Embellishments are important: The outfit’s embellishments vary from zari to zardozi work, jaal, chikankari, and many more. You should choose your desired design which would look elegant.

Fitting is the main thing: The fit will make all the difference. A well-fitted outfit will leave a stronger impact when compared to a not-so-well-fitted outfit. Try out the attire carefully, before making the final choice.

Now that you know, all the important outfit styles and the points to keep in mind, we are sure, you would be able to choose the perfect outfit for your wedding.

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