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5 Different Ways to Style your Lehenga

5 Different Ways to Style your Lehenga

5 Different Ways to Style your Lehenga


Lehengas are one of the most stylish, attractive, and versatile ethnic wear. In this fast pace changing world, sticking to one single monotonous style will be boring. There are many styling options available in the market, and it’s quite easy to look unique and voguish.

If you want yourself to be someone resembling traditions, then wearing a dupatta in a half saree style, would make it elegant and beautiful. On occasions like receptions and parties, pairing up your lehenga with a crop top will absolutely make your wish fulfilled of standing out. The options are many, so, you have to choose, what you want to wear, depending on your comfort, and obviously, the present running fashion trend.

To make the work easy for you, here are 5 different ways to style your Lehenga.

1) Crop Top & Lehenga 

Currently, the pair of crop tops and lehenga is one of the most trending yet simple ways to steal the show. An off / cold shoulder crop top paired with a simple designer lehenga skirt will get you a modern look.

2) Double Dupatta Lehenga Pair

You need to choose two dupattas having different colors for your lehenga choli. One dupatta’s color should be matched with the lehenga, and the other should be present in a contrasting color. The designs of the dupattas should not out shadow each other. The procedure is as follows: The first dupatta should be draped across the shoulders and the second from the back of one shoulder, with the end of the dupatta tucked inside your waist.

3) Lehenga Blouse with Simple Lehenga Skirt

This is a pair, in which you can wear a heavily embroidered blouse with simple cotton or silk lehenga skirt, but make sure, to wear this on less important traditional occasions. 

4) Lehenga and Saree Pair

As we already know, lehengas and sarees, both come under the most popular traditional outfit category, and pairing them both, will give rise to a new beautiful outfit that would definitely stand out easily. You can wear a lehenga, and drape the dupatta, making it look like the pallu of the saree. This would just look like a saree, but in reality, it would be a lehenga. This hybrid will make your overall look unique and beautiful.

5) Anarkali Suit and Lehenga Skirt Pair

This combination is perfect if you are attending a lavish-style function or a party. You can pair up your suit matching with your lehenga, and the look hence formed, would get all eyes on you. You can even stitch the Anarkali suit to your lehenga if you are planning to wear the same outfit again.

These are just some of the many ways. You can style yourself according to your own self and derive a new attire as well. You should check our store, to see some beautifully designed dresses, specially made for you!. 

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