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Complete Guide to dress elegantly in an Indian Wedding for Women

Complete Guide to dress elegantly in an Indian Wedding for Women

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." 

With this beautiful quote by Coco Chanel, we start the guide to dress elegantly in an Indian Wedding for Women.

India is home to different cultures, and this, in turn, gives us a huge range of attires to choose from. Out of all these dresses, there is one dress, which can blend in any function or ceremony, and that is the saree. It is part of the Indian culture since ancient history. 

Apart from the traditional Indian saree, there are other gorgeously designed dresses too: Salwar Kameez, Anarkali Suits, and Lehangas. An Indian wedding lasts for a few days, split over various ceremonies, and so you need to get all or a combination of the dresses mentioned above in order to look new, but elegant in every function (make sure not to repeat dresses).

Dress according to the ceremony

Due to the large diversity of cultures and religions in India, wedding rituals also vary a lot throughout the nation. A typical Indian wedding lasts for 3 - 5 days which includes different pre and post-wedding customs. Here is a dress guide, specially made to make you choose a dress for a specific ceremony:

1) Mangni (Engagement): Mangni is an engagement where close friends and relatives come together to witness the ring exchanging ceremony. You can wear a lehenga or a gown paired with Indian jewelry, and a kitten heel as your footwear.

2) Mehendi + Sangeet: In a Mehendi ceremony every woman including the bride, gets their hands decorated with Mehendi. It is followed by a sangeet function, in which there are music and dance performances. You can wear a lehenga or salwar kameez paired with subtle Indian jewelry. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes to have your feet smooth on the dance floor.

3) Haldi: Turmeric(Haldi) paste is applied to the bride and the groom’s skin and due to the color of turmeric, the most suitable color of the dress to wear in this ceremony is yellow. You can wear a lehenga, salwar kameez, anarkali suit, or a saree, but make sure, the color of the dress is yellow.

4) The Main Wedding: This is the occasion when the bride and the groom would tie a knot for a lifetime. It takes place for a long period dividing into various other rituals, such as baraat, saat phere, and bidaai. The most ideal dress to wear here is the traditional Indian saree, however, you can also wear a lehenga. Make sure not to wear red, because it is strictly reserved for the bride. As for your footwear, you can wear flip flops, wedge heels, pumps heels, depending on your comfort.

Now that you know, what to wear, in different ceremonies, let us enlighten you with the knowledge of what you should keep in mind while selecting your ideal dress for the wedding:

  • Don't wear All-White or All-Black, because these are considered the colors of mourning.
  • Don't wear red on the main wedding day.
  • Make comfort your priority, because food and dance are the soul of an Indian Wedding.
  • Wear colorful clothes, because, a wedding is considered as an occasion to bring joy to life, and colors are the way to depict that.

Now that you know, all the information required, to dress elegantly in the Indian wedding you are going to attend, you should check our store, to see some beautifully designed dresses, specially made for Indian Weddings. 

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